Get Off My Plane, Sith Lord

So last night my whole family settled down to watch “Air Force One”, which I had never seen before.

Oh my goodness.

If you’ve never seen that movie, you really should. It’s about some Russians high-jacking the President’s plane. And who’s the President?? Harrison Ford. Yeah. Indiana Jones AND Han Solo. Woah man, woah.

Be warned though, this movie might just happen to be the most stressful movie of all time. I couldn’t even draw during most of it, that’s how “OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH HARRISON FORD WATCH OUT UGGH THAT GUY IS SO SCARY AND EVIL AND COME ON DANG NABBIT HE’S A BAD GUY” it is.

But afterwards we watched a nice, relaxing episode of Merlin (Well, comparatively it was relaxing) and I could draw again. So I whipped up this bad boy:



I wanted to make it up to myself because I didn’t like the last one of Anakin I did. But, I was doing this in a fairly dark room so some of the line art is wonky. Darnit.

And then this morning I decided to try and tackle an Ahsoka (Clone Wars) card! I found a really cool picture (Well several really) of her and Anakin and I was going to make it a set of two…But then after about an hour and a half I remembered that I have a really hard time drawing her and scrapped it. So I am left with YET ANOTHER Anakin card. It’s not done yet, I’m still fiddling with the background sketch, but it might be done today.

It’s funny because I’m not much of a Hayden Christensen fan. I like Anakin in the Clone Wars (Because he’s actually likable, nice, and not a whiny angst-ridden teenager of a Jedi) but I really didn’t like him in the prequels. (I will admit I am sympathizing with him more now, though, that’s I’ve started watching Clone Wars.) However, all this being said, he is kind of fun to draw. I enjoy drawing curly hair and he has a pretty easy-to-draw face. The color pallet is also pretty simple for him…Dark. Wow. With three shades of grey, three shades of brown, and a really dark black Prismacolor that is pretty easy to accomplish.

But I’m still stuck with three Anakin cards. Luckily I know a girl who likes him and would be happy to take them off my hands, I’m sure. I gave her the sketch of the Anakin drawing I did here actually.


Oh and one last thing: Yes I did change the theme. I like this one a little better. And I plan on making a header soon…As soon as I’m done studying for my French test tomorrow and doing my other workity-stuff.




P.S. Next up on my list of cards is…Luke! Yay! Originals for the win!


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