Lots of Star Wars

I finally scanned it all! Here we go.


Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker sketch cards.


I had a rough time finding a good Princess Leia pic, but I did find one and that worked well. And I love the X-Wing fighter outfits, so I found a really cool Luke picture and did that too.


Don't worry sis, I'll protect you.


I also found another cool pic of Luke being all protective-brother-y with Leia, and liked it, so I did a full sketch of that. I didn’t communicate his face very well (Darn), and I don’t think my drawing looks like Carrie Fisher all that much…But I like how it looks though. It’s okay. I guess.


While watching Star Wars: Episode VI, I doodled.


My favorites have to be Pastor Skywalker and C3PO. Good morning.


And finally, on a non-Star-Wars-y note:


Oh yeah.


Gotta jet!




One thought on “Lots of Star Wars

  1. I love the one of Luke and Leia together! It’s pretty awesome, you should color it if you have the time… or… -coughcough- collaborative coloring? -coughhackhacksneeze-


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