My School Had an Art Show Yesterday

Yep! It was really fun actually. While I’m not technically a member of any art classes there, I am in the Art Club, and I asked to run a booth thing, so I did! I got to show my art to lots of kids and teachers and I met a lot of really nice people who said a lot of really nice things, and it was pretty fun. Really fun actually. Someone even told me they’d like to buy some of the cards I made! Yippee!

I also talked to a grown-up guy who does concept art for TV shows (Like Dexter’s Lab and other stuff) who was really nice and had a lot of good advice.

I have’t done a lot of art-stuff recently, though, so most of the stuff I had shown was older. I did some writing today, though, which was fun. Not a lot though. Because I’m easily distracted. 😦 But I’m going to try and do some more now.

So goodbye!



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