John Carter of Mars

Just got back from seeing it with my mom! It was very good, and I encourage anyone out there reading who likes action, science fiction, or movies in general to go see it. It was AWESOME!! I cried though. Briefly. And then my  mom and I bought it at Barnes and Noble afterwards. I have to do a book report after spring break (Some crap about writing short essays about passages to “make the text your own”…Gag me with a spoon.) so I might to it on the first one. Or Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. Or Maze Runner. Haven’t yet decided.


In other news, I did two drawings today. …Sorry though, I won’t be posting them up. Two friends of mine (Who happen to be twins) had their birthday(s) yesterday, and I didn’t know, so I made pictures of them as my late present. (I think it came out pretty well, which is one of the reasons I’m not posting, because it looks like them and they’re real people and I don’t want to get them in trouble or make their parents mad.)


But I think I’ll do some John Carter trading cards. Probably of John Carter, because the alien dudes would be a bit of a pain to draw.




2 thoughts on “John Carter of Mars

  1. I thought it looked kind of rip-off-ish of avatar, and lame in general. But then again, trailers these days all circle around the action-y parts of movies, and not the real story bits. And since you liked it, and you introduced me to such wonderful things as Star Trek and Sherlock Holmes, I’ll have to watch it sometime 😉

    I’ll be eagerly awaiting those cards! They’re always quite nice. I’ve enjoyed seeing all the ones you’ve posted immensely.

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