TRON: Uprising

So, I’m a big Tron fan. I like both the original and Legacy (Daft Punk score for the win!) and when I heard they were making an animated TV show, TRON: Uprising, I was pumped. Disney XD has just released a 30-min teaser episode of sorts, which I’ll provide a link to here:



So I watched it. Here’s my thoughts:


First off, love the story line. It’s interesting and will hopefully provide a plausible tie-in to finally make the transition from the original to Legacy make sense. I was definitely intrigued by what they might do with this, and hopefully they’ll keep it original and not repetitive. I like the background art and the fighting sequences a lot too; they’re as fun to look at animated as they were in the newest movie.


All that glows is not Tron. Now that’s streamlined and has great lighting. (Wink wink nudge nudge Disney)

However, my one beef with it art-wise is a pretty, well, important one. I find the character art to be kind of hack. It’s very confusing visually; they were trying to make it steam-lined and angular but then there’s all kinds of facials details. It looks like it was made by committee in that sense. I can’t pay attention to the dialogue because I’m trying to figure out why Paige looks so strange or what is going on with that guy’s body structure. (I think that they did Beck, Tron, and his blue-haired friend the best, they are pretty aesthetically pleasing for the most part.) I think if they could just make the animation a little better, I’d be happy. They should go the original Clone Wars route if they want angular simplicity.


Speaking of which, I have really high standards for this because of Clone Wars. That show is amazing, and not just for a kid’s show. It has it’s really deep moments, it’s stinkin’ scary moments, and it’s incredibly tear-jerking, rip-your-heart-out moments. The first season wasn’t the best though, and it has gotten better with age, so I hope the same goes with TRON: Uprising here.


So basically, I’d say watch it, I’m sure they can do a lot with it. It looks good and as long as they don’t get too preachy, I can live with a few artistic no-no’s.


3 thoughts on “TRON: Uprising

  1. I totally agree with you on every aspect. It looks very watchable, though the people do look weird! Such LONG. LIMBS. Heck, I’m fine with long limbs stylistically – look at the Clone Wars. They have some pretty long arms and legs, but it looks fantastic. However, I think it was WAY overboard in this…

    The story was good, too. I don’t think it was delivered too horribly, actually. Most pilots are kind of meh ish, especially with cartoons. I could see this getting a lot better.

    One thing, though: the part where Beck was fighting that asian dude on the train, with the explosive thing had music that sounded EXACTLY like a track off of the Inception soundtrack. It’s apparent throughout the whole scene, but if you start at 24 minutes it’s really apparent. They added a whisper of techno over it, but otherwise it’s pretty much exactly the same… Yeah, start at 24 minutes on the show and listen until the music mellows (which happens pretty fast) and then listen to “Dream is Collapsing” started at about 50 seconds. You might be surprised.

    I’d watch it though. Maybe. xD

    • It’s not really the proportions that bug me. I just think that they need to solidify the style, it’s trying to be angular and detailed at the same time which is confusing to look at. I really don’t mind music stuff; Daft Punk is way too expensive to hire for a show but they have to keep it with the same feel and basic progressions and stuff with completely different people doing the score.

      And honestly, this doesn’t bug me enough to not watch it. In the end, the art and everything is pretty meaningless to me. I care more about the story.

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