Quick Update + Original Clone Wars Review

Hello everybody,

You might have noticed I’ve been posting fairly often but rather short posts. Well the reason for that is I’ve just gotten through the busiest period of my school-life, and I’ve been trying to queue up some things so you can keep up to date while I’m busy. But, good news! I’m in finals week, and after Thursday I have summer! Hurray! (I do have a fairly busy summer set up, though. Summer school for initial credit for six weeks and animation classes sound fun.)

I wanted to tell you all this and, since I don’t have any homework tonight, I thought I’d work on the blog a bit. I hooked up some Google analytics stuff and also started this cool thing called Zemanta that shows me pictures, links, and related articles that might work well with the post. Now if you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, you can just click on a link and whamoo! Now you know. And I can post pictures without getting in trouble for copyright stuff.

Anyways, I figured since I’m posting a post, I’d make it worthwhile and throw in something fun: I watched the entire run of the original Clone Wars, that aired on Cartoon Network in 2003. (Not the new ones. I’ve already seen those, and they’re awesome!) So, here we go.

The original ones only ran for two seasons, and since it was a mini-series, each season was approximately an hour long. I really enjoyed watching these with my good friend Mason this past Saturday, and I almost cried watching these! (For a variety of reasons actually…)

What I really enjoyed was how well they portrayed the whole Padmé (Voiced by Grey DeLisle, also known for voicing Frankie from Foster’s Home and a host of other things) and Anakin (Mat Lucas) relationship. It was actually cute! And somewhat romantic! What?! Yes! Thank you!

My evidence (Start at 7:25 for the part I’m talking about):

Whaaat, something that is cute and funny? Is it really possible George Lucas? Yes. Yes it is.

Ventress as she appeared in Star Wars: Clone Wars.

Ventress as she appeared in Star Wars: Clone Wars. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I also liked Asajj Ventress a lot in this one. And Obi-Wan. I liked Obi-Wan a lot. Ventress was just stinkin’ scary as always. I just wishthought that it had a longer run! That was definitely one thing I would change; it was so short!! However, it really did sew together the two movies seamlessly.

I also think that they have one thing over the new 2008 Clone Wars stuff: Hands. The hands in this are just great. I won’t go into too much depth, but it’s really well done.

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine as seen in the an...

Supreme Chancellor Palpatine as seen in the animated Clone Wars (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Okay, I’m about to get all artsy on all of you now: Another thing I really enjoyed was the artwork. The animation in this was absolutely beautiful! I love it. So much. So I will definitely be doing some fan art for this. It’s really fun and just great to look at.

One thing though: Palpatine looked like a rich old lady in this. Am I right? I mean he looks like Black Widow from 1960s Batman pretty much all the time, but it really showed here. 😉

I did like seeing more of Shaak Ti. She’s just cool man. Too cool for Jedi School.

But I guess I’d say that if you’re into new Clone Wars, or you and/or your kids like Star Wars, you should really watch these. (If you have really little ones though, as in like two or three years old, you might want to just check them out first. There’s obviously violence, but it’s really not that bad at all.)


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