Yggdrasil Clipboard

So I’m on a big Thor kick right now. I watched it last night with my friend Lily, and while I was watching, I started fiddling with my clipboard thing. I bought it to use for my Confirmation class, but I just finished that up so now I can use it for artsy things. In Norse mythology the universe was this big tree called Yggdrasil, and the nine realms came off of that. I will somehow incorporate that into a story or something because that is just a pretty crazy cool piece of mythos there. So I decided I’d put good ole Yggdrasil on my clipboard! I started it last night and finished this afternoon. (Keep in mind I already had some stuff on it so I was having to work around things, ie: why Luke Skywalker’s head is by the tree. Tatooine is one of the nine realms suuuure…)


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