Farvel Lily!

I had to say bye to two Lily’s today…That’s a new one.


My one friend Lily is going on a magic Midwestern adventure for the next six weeks! We’re church buddies and super good friends, so I’ll be lonely these next weeks.


My other friend Lily is moving to Norway! (Fravel is goodbye in Norwegian, ie: the title.) Since she’s going away for a very long time (And I have less contact with her), I made her a little card. Voila!


Since Thor and Loki both come from Norse legend, I thought that it might be fitting for them to welcome her to their magical Viking country.


I actually forgot some stuff when I scanned this (The highlights mainly) so I fixed that up but never rescanned. Whoopsie!!


Oh, and the reason for my recent inactivity has been due to the fact that I’m in a summer P.E. program. It kinda eats up some time and I just don’t think about updating. I’m going to schedule a few posts though, so I’ll make sure you can stay entertained this next week. 😉


2 thoughts on “Farvel Lily!

  1. Awww, that sounds kind of sad! I’m sorry about your Lillylessness. You should call me if you get lonesome.

    I love the picture, it’s totally awesome, especially considering the meaning behind it. I also like how you made it positive and not all sad. Even though moving to a different country (wow) is a huge deal and, well… kinda sad.

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