Mister Darcy, S.T.O.P. I.T., and Life

So I very recently read “Pride and Prejudice” and last night I watched the 2005 film with Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen. I absolutely adored the book (Being a bit of a Victorian Romantic at heart) and I really enjoyed the movie as well. Yes, they didn’t stick to every single thing in the book. The book WAS 900 on my Nook though so I can forgive them for that. But the entire cast was excellent and the filmography, soundtrack, and storytelling was brilliant.

Pride & Prejudice (2005 film)

Pride & Prejudice (2005 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m not going to do a review sort of thing for the book. I personally really enjoyed it, and it’s now among my all-time favorites. I will say, though, that if you want to write anything you should really read this book. All good stories have some kind of love story. (It’s true!!) Pride and Prejudice really showed that you can have a love story that isn’t superficial and flat. The story is just as much romance as it is redemptive; without giving away any spoilers, both of the characters are flawed, realistic characters. But together, and through a rather long and difficult process, they help each other to realize and begin to change these faults. Personally, I enjoy that in everyday life and especially in literature. It’s a very interesting twist on the rather dull and overused love story plot line.

I’m planing on coloring this soon because my schedule has cleared up a bit. I just finished the illustrations for the second book for the S.T.O.P. I.T. anti-bullying campaign, and I wanted to take a quick break from that and maybe work on some fun stuff. (Probably Pride and Prejudice, Thor, and some weird project thing my friend Drew is having me work on.) I’m still doing Summer P.E., but I’m on my fourth week of sixth. Woooo! I’m doing pretty well in that; kinda mangled my knee but I think I’ll be fine. 😉

Well, time for me to go to bed! Writing blog posts at night isn’t the best of ideas. 😉

-Molly B.


One thought on “Mister Darcy, S.T.O.P. I.T., and Life

  1. I love this book as well. Jane Austen was such a pioneer. When you get a minute, read Northanger Abbey. Jane has a sarcastic wit, and this short book showcases it beautifully. Oh, your Mr. Darcy looks really good!

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