Well Hello There Captain Kirk

So I finished this thing up yesterday but I figured since I had already posted I would make you wait in suspenseful agony for my next post. Okay…really I just wrote this on Tuesday and put it in the queue because I didn’t want to be annoying. But same difference!


Anywho, Drew over at Drew’s Draws asked me to draw Captain Kirk for her in…January? Well I’ve been busy so I just now am doing it. So now you can all feast your eyes on this quick little drawing.


Well helllllllooooo


Oh and also sorry for being such an infrequent poster! I finished summer P.E. last week though, so I should be able to post more and draw more. I also saw The Amazing Spider-Man, but I won’t be posting a review just yet. I’m probably going to go see it with a friend soon (At least one friend…) so I don’t want to ruin it for her(s). I’ve also been doing some stuff for The STOP IT Campaign, so expect some teasers for the next book or two… heh heh heh.


-Molly Buffington


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