So My Zazzle Store! + Update

I never posted a link. Hee hee. However a lovely little commenter pointed that out a while ago but I’m only posting it now. D’ohh!


But anywho, here’s the link so you can give me your money. 😉


I have been doing some drawing stuff but I’ve also been rather busy. I’ve only got two weeks before school starts again, and that has a whole bag of things to be done, added on top of that my recent dental work (bye bye first pre molars) and a new S.T.O.P. I.T. book in the works (And a biggie! I’ll be posting teasers to that once I’ve got some more material.), so that’s why I’ve been a little on-and-off with the site at times.


But back to the store: I’m going to try and put some stuff up on it right now (S.T.O.P. I.T. stuff actually) but that probably won’t be online until later today or maybe tomorrow. But as always I’ll try to keep costs as low as I can (But I can only go so low…Zazzle stops me after a while haha) and with as many cool and quirky ideas as time will allow me.


But I’m going to stop typing and get back to editing those images! Ciao!


-Molly B


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