End-of-Summer Rap Up

Well my summer is coming to an end, and I’ve got this to say about it: Well, it was productive! I’ve gotten a heck of a lot done. Let’s take a quick tally:

  • I finished the illustrations for the next S.T.O.P. I.T. book
  • I did 10 credits worth of P.E., thus finishing my school-gym career for (hopefully) the rest of my life! Booyah!
  • I’ve done a LOT of drawing, and quite enjoyed it, as well as getting a little better.
  • I’ve started a Zazzle shop
  • I’ve discovered a lot of really cool new music
  • I’ve even made some friends! Gasp!
  • I’ve maintained this blog and definitely gotten more popular (interwebz wise)
  • I’ve finished the planning phase and begun actually writing my first novel!

Now, while I didn’t actually do that much reading this summer, (…One book. Seriously. Pride and Prejudice. But I’m going to try and bump that up to at least two, with Sense Sensibility.) I did see a lot of really good movies, read a lot of kick-butt-awesome comic books, and even found some cool TV shows. (And the only reason I wasn’t reading was because I was busy. And I have a rigorous screening process with books…It basically has to be a classic, or I won’t read it…)

BUT I am still happy with this summer! Did I ever make it to the beach? No. Sadly. But that’s okay. Because while I may not have made it to the beach, I will be able to take French 2 and Play Production without a zero period this year! Hee hee hee!!

Well, I’m going to leave you all now to go and finish writing for the day/wash the chlorine out of my hair from swimming/work some more on my monologues for play production/work on the art for my lunch bag for this year. I promise to post pictures of the latter.




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