I’m a Writer Winner!!

It’s true! I got to 50,000 words last night, about a half an hour before the midnight cut off. It was intense! It’s a minefield of plot holes, abandoned sub plots, really really awful writing, and probably 20,000 words worth of stuff to be cut or changed, but I got it down! Huzzah! I actually think there are some really great parts in the ending, but there is still a LOT to be edited, so don’t expect it on the shelves of your nearby Barnes and Noble anytime soon.

I would just like to say this though: if you’re like me and have a story idea, but don’t really know what to do with it, try a NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). You can only figure do much out about pacing and your characters in the planning stage; you’ve eventually got to just throw yourself ink the writing stage and give it your best shot. Write write write and don’t go back and edit until it’s all there, even if it is a shamble of weirdness. It’s fixable. I had such a great time writing, and I’ve learned a lot. Thanks NaNoWriMo!

On a personal note, sorry for being a little erratic with posts again. I’ve been doing auditions for my school play (Cast list goes up Tuesday, let you know about that then) and schoolwork and I also got an palatal expander in the roof of my mouth. It’s been difficult for me because it impedes my speech a fair bit, but I’m finally getting used to it. But ooooh it hurts! Oh well. I guess it’ll give me nice teeth, and man do I have some pretty crazy chompers.

Well, that’s about all on the Molly front.




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