Probably the best Sherlock drawing I’ve ever done

So I’ve been drawing pictures of all the people in my Play Production class as their birthday’s rolled along. Now one super awesome senior in there, a Miss Bronwen, really quite likes Sherlock but her birthday was before the school year started. So, my obligation to draw her something compounded with my recent confinement due to my very small illness, I drew this baby. No magic space stuff this time.


I have no idea why it decided to be all curly (the paper that is) so I put it on the carpet in my living room so as to give it somewhere to uncurl and because I like the carpet. I actually am quite proud of this one, it turned out pretty good I think.

Well. I’m going to go curl up on the couch myself, seeing as I’m writing this on a Saturday night (yes even though you are most likely reading this on a Tuesday) because my face is filled with antibodies and I need to cuddle with my sock monkeys.


Molly b.


One thought on “Probably the best Sherlock drawing I’ve ever done

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