Sorry For the Hiatus! + Reformation Day

Hello everyone! Sorry that I haven’t posted in so long. I’ve been incredibly busy! School’s been hectic but fun this year with my AP European History class and being in a school play and all that jazz. But I’ve been able to tear myself away from that for a while to get some blogging done.

Did this for my history class. It’s for a witch hunt thing. It’s all in German, but it reads: “WANTED
heresy infanticide conjuring witchcraft beer souring”

I have been drawing a fair bit, albeit not really anything special — mainly doodles in class or stuff for friends. But here’s one of the things I’ve drawn in the meantime.

Just in time for Halloween I suppose!

And speaking of the 31st of October, you may or may not be aware that , other than Halloween, we also have another little holiday thingamajig — Reformation Day! Now as I go to a Lutheran church, we of course have a little shindig after church on the nearest Sunday to the 31st, (which this year is the 28th, AKA tomorrow) and I decided to sign up to bring Jell-O and ‘activities’.

After doing some research, I decided I should make a coloring page and a party game , and I’ll post both of those below for the potential use of others.

First here’s the coloring page, which I did of one of the gorgeous stained glass windows at my church. I wanted to do something fairly simple, that a five year old might be able to get mostly inside the lines, so feel free to download and print for your own use!

Right-Click to open in a new window or tab

My other little resource came about like this: I was noodling around on the web and I found that there was some Home School-y Mom-type resource where they played Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but it was called Pin the Beard on the Theologian. You can find the original here.

HOWEVER: You will note that this is of a Mister John Calvin! And of course I would much rather pin beards on to a cool Lutheran theologian like Martin Luther or Melanchthon or Chemnitz and I imagine my fellow parishioners would as well. But where can one find such a party game online? No where! Thus, being the resourceful person I am, I made one.

This game has two parts to be printed. First, the poster-y back of it (Martin Luther but without a beard).


Now most of us know good ole Luther as without a beard and perhaps with the funny monk haircut. However, when he was hiding from Charles V, he actually grew quite an awesome beard! Thus, you and your blindfolded child friends  can now pin Luther’s awesome beard on by downloading and printing this .png file.
(Now both of these images are the same size when viewed in full view, so as long as you scale them up to the same percentage or whatever, they should fit together nicely.)


Together, the two pieces end up looking like this:




Martin Luther says: “Faith alone! Grace alone! Christ alone! Have a nice Reformation Day.”




Hopefully this’ll help someone, and I hope you all have lovely weekends!

-Molly B.


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