An Interesting Little Doodle

So the other day I was in Chemistry with my friend Tamara. I sit next to her and we talk about politics and AP Euro. Now, waaaay back in the seventh grade, when I did a bunch of hack anime stuff (shudder), I got her into it a bit. We started talking and she said she had a hard time drawing profiles, and so I drew the base or whatever you want to call it when you draw a side view of a person on her Periodic Table. The next day I borrowed it again and finished it up. Here we go!


Mine’s the one in pencil, the blue pen swirlies were Tamara.


It started off as being Benedict Cumberbatch and then I decided to make it just some cool dude with really awesome sideburns. But I actually really like how it turned out!


Well, that’s really all I have to say. šŸ™‚


Happy All Saints Day! Or, probably for the rest of you, sugar high hangover day. šŸ˜‰


-Molly B.


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