Happy Thanksgiving + Bond

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! I am so incredibly thankful for my handful of readers on here who keep tabs on my artsy musings, it really does mean a lot to me. I made this for the STOP IT page on Facebook, but the sentiments are the same from just me.


In other news on a non-festive note, I saw Skyfall yesterday!! It was excellent. I did a little drawing for it but looking back the proportioning on poor Daniel Craig is atrocious and so I won’t be posting it here. I’ll try and redeem myself with something else though, I promise. But after that I watched Diamonds Are Forever, another Bond film with Sean Connery from 1971. It really is one of my favorites. The intro is hysterical, just watch:

Diamonds Are Forever – Intro

Ohh gosh that is funny! Well anyway I wanted to draw James Bond so I did, and here’s the sketch:


I want to draw one of him and Miss Moneypenny next, so that should be coming along soon. I’ll keep you all posted!

Have a lovely holiday,

Molly B. 😉

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