Self Photobombing — Cool Panorama Hack!

If you or a loved one had an iPhone or “1337” Photoshop skills, you are probably aware of the Panorama setting/type of picture. These are great for taking pictures like this one, which you can read more about in my next blog post:

(you’ll want to click that to see it big)

Now this is all fine and dandy, but won’t impress anyone really. Especially if you’ve got shaky hands or a boring subject matter.

But I might have solved that.

Now, the thing with the way that the iPhone does this (and the way this can be achieved through photo editing software), is that is just builds onto the picture. It doesn’t retake the already assembled pixels. This means you can do stuff like this if you are lucky enough to have a 180-mirror in your bathroom.


(Again, click to large-ify)

You can make different faces and it looks very silly! Especially cropped, like-a so.


So you want to do this now? Okay, here’s the set up:

All you’ll need is an iPhone or a normal camera and some editing software (and some skill).

Next, go somewhere with a 180-degree or greater mirror, which, if you don’t have one at home, can be found in such places as a dressing room in a department store.

Then, set your camera to Panorama settings or just take a bunch of pictures, facing the mirror and keeping your hand as level and steady as possible. If it shakes it’s okay, you can crop out imperfections later. The important part is to change your facial expressions a lot, making it look like you’re photo-bombing yourself/scaring the crud out of your friends!

Finally, edit as need be, and post the final product on the social network of your choosing. It looks especially funny on Instagram, as the small frame can accentuate the illusion.

Have fun becoming popular and simultaneously accused of black magic!


Molly b


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