Post-Christmas Fun!

So I haven’t really posted much since last week, other than my little post on that panorama thing that I just had to get out of my system because I thought it was cool.

Well, I had a very lovely Christmas! I acolyte’d on Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas Day, after presents, we went to a Christmas Day service and then drove down to my aunt’s house. Then we picked up a dog (Dewey!) we’re dog sitting for the week. He’s a sweetheart. Yesterday (the 26th) my mom had to return something (accidentally picked out a shirt for her that she already had……) and then we went to Michael’s.

Why did we go to Michael’s? Why for frames of course!

I got a print for Christmas of a painting I really like and then bought another and finished putting the rest of my decor up that I had been accumulating. I may (or may not) have mentioned that I’ve been in the long process of sprucing up my room. So…voila! Here’s a wide shot and some close-up stuff of what I’ve finally accomplished!






If you click on them they might get bigger, I dunno. It’s still a work in progress, because I have something without a frame that I need to put up, and my curtains don’t match, and my mom thinks that the blocks don’t match. But I’m happy with it!

I don’t have any big plans though, so I’m off to breakfast and draw.

Blessed Feast of John the Evangelist! (Because today is the 27th!)


Molly b


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