Smoke Screen

Recently I got out a box of my dad’s art and was looking through it for something to put up in my room. My dad used to do a lot of watercolor stuff, but now he does more music stuff because we don’t have a space to paint in at the house we live in. My dad does really cool art though, and I have several things up that he did, as well as there being some scattered around the house.

Well anyway, looking at it all I started getting inspired to do something a little abnormal for me, and after talking to him about it I went and whipped up this little guy.


I haven’t done art cards in quite a while, and I wanted to play around with my Prismacolors so I did this! I have some other things I want to do (I’m thinking about trying my hand at some watercolor) but I like how it turned out! It’s called Smoke Screen. I think it looks a lot like Michael Redgrave from the 1952 “The Importance of Being Earnest.” It wasn’t intentional, but it just came out that way…! I’m planning on putting it up with my little knick knacks.


Molly b


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