So Long Winter Break!

Happy Epiphany everyone!

Well! It’s been a good break. Very busy, but also good and relaxing. Rather unlike everyone I know I can actually kind of relax going back to school, seeing as I’ve finished the third STOP IT book, probably the last for a while at least, so I now can go about my own things with my mind at ease! Huzzah!

This year, in lieu of a New Year’s Resolution, I decided I would make a reading list, of books that I would like to read or reread. Here it is:


It seems that I (and the majority of the human population) invariably breaks their New Year’s Resolution, so this is not a Resolution. It’s a list. And I have a weird obsessive-compulsive thing with getting waaay too much enjoyment out of checking things off to-do lists. There is seriously a huge increase in my likeliness to do something if I can cross it off. I don’t know why.

As you will notice most of these fall into the categories of Fantasy, Classic, or Theology, ie: what I enjoy reading. I’ve been adding onto it slowly, and I look forward to crossing them off!

But over all my break has been filled with inspiration, art, and rest, and that’s all that really matters. I’ve been on a fantasy binge (Saw the Hobbit and watched a lot of Merlin, such a great show), and it makes me want to write or at least draw something in that vein. I’ve been meaning to finish my King Arthur book, so it might be fitting to depict with my own spin one of those very romantic and beautiful scenes from the legends. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meanwhile though, I hope that your days continue to be as enjoyable and inspirational to whatever it is that you need inspiring as mine have been!

Molly b 🙂

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