Pride and Prejudice and Play Pro

Today in Play Production we are officially finishing up Pride and Prejudice: The Molly Buffington Edit. I’m super excited!! Everyone’s been loving it, and last Thursday when we read most of part two, I brought in the paper dolls I made. Everyone really liked them, even though I sadly couldn’t give them up yet. But a few people did take their picture with them! Enjoy all the happy people and funny paper dolls. (Everyone has the doll of the character they played, by the way.)

And remember those art cards? Well they have gone to a very happy home!!

I made those cards especially for the two kids in my drama class who played the main characters of Pride and Prejudice: The Molly Buffington Edit, Hayley and Liam and Elizabeth and Darcy respectively. They really liked them! I got them to take a picture with ’em, so you all can gander at the awesomeness!!



It was so fun doing all of this great Pride and Prejudice stuff!! It made everyone even more excited and very happy. Huzzah!!

Molly b


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