A Belated Valentine’s Post

Yeah it’s 16 February, but hey, I was busy this week!

I, being a fairly abnormal teenager, didn’t do a whole lot of interesting stuff on Valentine’s Day — gave Fun Dip to my friends, have my parents a card I drew, got delicious snacks from my parents. But what I wanted to post was what I did for AP European History; my teacher told us that if we made a Valentine for a historical European he’d give us extra credit. Voila!


It’s of Erasmus. The joke is a little (And by a little I mean A LOT) on the theological side, and so if you are yearning for an explanation, I’d suggest googling “Erasmus and Martin Luther letters” or better yet “Bondage of the Will by Martin Luther.” Or if you are content for not getting the joke and just looking at an old cartoony Dutch Catholic dude, that’s alright too.


Molly b


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