Well What Do You Know — Happy Birthday Blog!

Woah! My blog is now officially one year old! How cool is that?

It’s been a very fun year. My art has improved a lot I think, and I’ve been able to reach out a lot more and capture a broader audience, which is always nice.

In the past year, I’ve illustrated two books, made hundreds of drawings and other works of art, gained a lot of experience doing the whole website thing and the social stuff too, with Twitter and all that, written the first draft of my book, become way more inspired, and I think I’ve really improved my eye for style and design.

But none of this would be possible without the wonderful techies at WordPress, who make sure my blog doesn’t blink out into oblivion, and of course my lovely readers too! I see every click that gets clicked on this site, and it really does keep me going to see all of the people who look around my blog! It really does put wind in my sails to create more art.

This year, I have two books slated already (and this time it’s something kind of different!), and I’ve been trying to work on my book’s plotting so that I can do the rewrite over the summer. I’m trying to work on a comic idea I had several years ago, and hopefully maybe start doing some web comic stuff. I’ve also got an exhibition coming up in a few weeks, which should be pretty cool! On top of all that, I still am working on those paper dolls, which I would like to finish and perhaps sell on Etsy.

I’m looking forward to another great year with you all!


Molly b


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