A Drawing!

Yeah I really don’t have a title for this one. I like how it turned out though! It’s been kind of a labor of love, and actually a rather funny story, too. But anyway, I’ll stop blathering and post it and fill you in below.



I think it looks better in real life, but I think I got it to ring somewhat true to the real thing.

I’ve been working on this on-and-off for about three days now, and I’m finally happy with it! (I actually touched it up a little after taking this picture, but didn’t really feel motivated to retake it after just tweaking nose-y bits ever-so-slightly.)

Original photo. (Robbie Wadge pictured)


Now for the funny bit — I was on Pinterest the other night and stumbled across the reference for this (see left), and thought that it was a really cool picture. A few days later, stuck in a art-block stupor, I decided to give it a whirl. Three days later it’s complete, and I decided to go and try and find out what this was from. Turns out it was from a fashion shoot for a (you guessed it) fashion magazine, and the model is a chap by the name of Robbie Wadge. And I’m not the first to draw him!

I thought that was kind of funny, and a pretty amazing internet feat: noodling around on the internet a dorky little teenage girl can end up drawing a pretty well known model. There you have it!


I still think it’s better in real life though, the drawing that is. Grr! Oh well. 🙂




Molly b


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