A Cool Find!

There’s a little antique store not too far from my house that my mom and I pop into every so often. I bought some of the art that’s up in my room there, and it’s a really neat little store. They have lots of fun jewelry and some nice looking pocket watches (although they either are gutted, broken, or out of my price range) and even some fox pelts! Well anyway, I was poking my nose into a cabinet and I saw this at the way back, asked to see it and bought it! It’s wood paneling that has been painted.


Cool, huh? I’m not quite sure yet where I will be putting it, because the frame is very delicate and I don’t really want to go through the hassle of reframing it (space is kind of tight on my walls anyway, and for some odd reason the walls in my room don’t like having things hung on them), so I think I’ll just find somewhere to prop it up and admire it.


Molly b


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