Back from the Brink!

Yikes, I’ve been gone for a while! But I can explain: this past month has been absolutely insane. I had a school play, got sick, had AP testing, Drama Banquet, and now finals and everything else that comes along with the end of school. I’ll be done this Thursday though — just two more days! This year has been loads and loads of fun, and I’ll be really sad to see it go and the people I met and friends I made, but I’m due for a break. I might go completely bonkers if I went on much longer!


Anyways though, I do have a bunch of art to dump on all of you. A LOT. So prepare yourselves!


It’s mainly stuff I worked on while thinking about that book I’m attempting to write, so I left out some stuff. There was a LOT. I might post a few more things later.


I’ll definitely be posting more now, though, once summer vacation starts! You can be sure to look forward to more posts and more arts. šŸ˜‰




Molly b


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