Working on (Yet Another) Idea

In case you are unaware of this fact, the brain of one Molly Buffington is filled with a few things.

  • European history
  • English literature
  • Star Trek
  • Inside jokes
  • Time travel

When you combine this with a hazardous amount of mints consumed and a newly born summer vacation, my brain basically ‘splodes into a bunch of ideas. And thanks to my friend Shannon for helping me with my issues via text messages, I was able to concoct not only a story idea, but an idea for a novel, a complete cast of main characters, and a detailed outline of said story that actually works out into being a well balanced and multi-leveled story. In about the span of three days. It was magical.


Please completely ignore the random scrawlings on the sides. I was in a mint-induced stupor. And a lot of it has been tweaked. Just look at the pretty pretty pictures.


Yep. So that’s basically my summer project. I’m doing Camp NaNoWriMo again this year, and that’s what I’ll be working with. It’s going to be pretty sweet! (I think)




molly b




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