More Novel Concepts

Been looking at that new art book I got and thinking about my story thing and I whipped up these guys. Enjoy.



Two different characters, Isabel and Bedegrayne.


Molly b


5 thoughts on “More Novel Concepts

  1. God I love your freaking, amazing ability to draw.
    … agjpahgk[fskhjkdgmj;dgkdjdj …
    It’s so freaking awesome. Words cannot describe it. I wish I could draw like that. I can write, but not draw. But everything I write would look so cool if illustrated.
    Ah, it’s a terrible dilemma. Some sort of writers paradox, I suppose.
    By the way, TEEN WRITERS UNITE!
    We need superhero costumes, and power rings.

    • Well thank you! And hey man, I always am trying to get people to write, we need more writers.

      Can we be the Writing Wonder Twins? I call dibs on being the one who can turn into water things.

      • Hey, you actually know meaningless pop culture trivia. Soul mates!

        We DO need more writers. Have you passed a teen section in a bookstore recently? Every second book cover seems to be a Twilight plagiarism. ‘Random object on a black background.’ Wow. So original.

        Yes, you can be the water-thing person. Oh god, does that mean I have to turn into animals…

      • Sometimes I see book with an interesting object on a black background, but then I pick it up and read it and it usually goes something like this:
        “In a world where ogres and humans have a tense coexistence, one young woman will shake the foundations of the universe itself with her unquenchable love for a dreamy ogre man. Can their love change the world? Can their illegitimate baby spark a revolution? Can the editor cut any of these melodramatic rhetorical questions?”

        So then I go home and stare at the wall.

        And yes. Make sure you turn into fun animals though, like wallabies and angler fish.

      • Augh! The bad romance! My mind burns just imagining such a terrible thing! The other weird trend is that, on adult books, they love to show this badass female character striking a pose against the background. And those covers are COOL!

        But you don’t see them on YA books. Seriously. Editors. Kids would kill for a book whose cover depicted the main character posing like a total badass. How are you not getting this?

        I think I would bang my head against the wall. To get the memories from my mind.

        Oh, I’ll become a goblin shark! And a honey badger, when I just don’t give a damn about my appearance.

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