A Sidelong Look

I did a speed paint! I guess. On the computer.

I’ve been working on a side project of mine (might post about it later; long story short I’m making some coloring pages) and I was feeling a little stiff. When I draw a lot of stuff with ‘harsh’ lineart, like my normal cartoony style basically, I sometimes need to just take a break and do some more dynamic, rough stuff. My dad has been talking to be a lot about painting and how that all works, so I decided to do another Darcy digital painting. I found this fantastic ref from one of the dancing scenes and it was perfect. I did this in probably under ten minutes (did a lot of sketching, but this sketch and the color was probably ten minutes total), so here it is.

He's brooding and judgmental even in quick surrealistic impressionist form

He’s brooding and judgmental even in quick surrealistic impressionist form

I might be seeming a little awol here for the next little bit. I’ve got a lot on my plate, well it’s more like I’ve got a lot of things on a lot of plates and then I’m trying to do the thing where you take the sticks and spin the plates with all the things. That coloring page thing I mentioned, plus I want to work on my Pride and Prejudice paper dolls (Ha! Eventually.) and I have a book I should be prepping to write, and I have like four books to read for school plus like ten books I want to read, and I need to clean my room and I’m watering plants four times a week for service hours and I NEED TO STOP WRITING ALL THIS DOWN I’M GOING TO HAVE AN ANXIETY ATTACK IT’S SUMMER I’M NOT EVEN HALFWAY INTO SUMMER SO SHADDAP


Anyways. Enjoy broody Darcy. But don’t be too harsh on the poor guy. I get broody too. Except I don’t look like a handsome man when I brood. Sorry. Again.


molly b


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