Mr Darcy Painting Sketch Card

I was getting a little artistically annoyed a few days ago and so I tried my hand at an art card. I messed up a few before finally settling on drawing Mr Darcy in order to properly engage in my art catharsis. I decided to go with my personal imaged Mr. Darcy face, a sort of amalgamation of Matthew MacFadyen and my imagination. Here it is.

Photo Jun 22, 3 50 15 PM

You know, when Elizabeth goes to Pemberly and looks at his painting? That’s what I was going for.

In other news, I recently discovered that for the last year I have been spelling Matthew MacFadyen’s name wrong. A lot. As either McFadyen or McFayden. I would like to issue a public apology and am in the process of correcting this error in my tags &etc. Sorry. I’m lame.

Well anyway.

molly b


Update: So right as I had finished up settling my Matthew MacFadyen mispelling issues, I realized that for about half of the time I had also mispelled Keira Knightley’s name. Wow. Both are fixed now. As someone with a name that is constantly mispelled I offer my sincere apologies to the two of them (if by some bizarre chance they stumble across this………..hope that you aren’t too insulted by my lameness/unworthiness to draw your faces)


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