Update + The Daring Stick Man

Sorry for the hiatus there for a while. I guess I saturated you all with art this last week anyway! This week thus far I was really focused in on reading and knitting. I needed to get a book read for school and I’ve taken up knitting, so I have my drawing muscles a break to do that.

However, I have been doing some drawing stuff that you might be interested. My buddy Keiran has been working on a game for the iPhone and I worked on it some!The game is called The Daring Stick-Man, and it should be coming out relatively soon. It’s been submitted to the app store, so I’ll keep you all posted on it and when it becomes available. I helped with some beta testing as well as logo artwork, script writing, and some other art stuff that you’ll see once the game becomes available. It’s a very entertaining game and I hope you’ll download it when it comes out! 🙂


I’ve got a few drawing project ideas floating around in my head, but this next week is going to be CRAZY for me — I’m going to a day camp for screenwriting so I probably will not have much time to do anything else. I’ll try and keep you up to date on my goings-on though, and get some more art up.


molly b


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