“Open House” — A Short Film


This is the short film I wrote and directed during my time at the Young Storytellers/New York Film Academy camp I went to last week! It was super stressful but super fun in the end. I got to spend five days with my friends while being creative! And to make it even cooler, we got to shoot on the Universal Backlot, on Wysteria Lane, where “Desperate Housewives” was shot. Special thanks to my crew for making this movie possible!

Interestingly enough, I discovered I am not at ALL cut out for directing. It’s a completely administrative job, and that is something I can’t do. In the end though, it was still mega fun.

If you want to watch some more shorts from this, there are twelve videos total, and my personal favorites were “Garage Sale” (longer but absolutely hysterical short by my good friend Liam) and “Smile” (really cool and poignant drama with a touch of hipster artsiness going on).


molly b


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