Redwall: Matthais and Cornflower

be careful_edited-2

“Be careful.”


Been feeling pretty nostalgic for Redwall stuff. I watched the first season on Netflix back about a week ago, and it inspired me to draw some fan art. For the first time since I’ve been reading these books (way back in forth grade!) I realized a lot of the romantic subplots and subtext involved between Matthais and Cornflower. For example:

Wow, Cornflower sure is asking for Matthais’ help on a lot of stuff. Why isn’t he helping her with that? That’s not very nice. She needs help…Wait…Wait…No…Oh… OHHHHHHHHHHHH SHE LIKES HIM AND WANTS HIM TO HELP SO THEY CAN HANG OUT WHAT OH OH OH OH OH OH OHHHHH OKAY THAT MAKES SO MUCH MORE SENSE

I really am Captain Oblivious.

So, to make up for my stupidity, I decided to do some fan art.


molly b



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