Captain Mooseface


So my history teacher requested that I draw a picture of Captain Mooseface.

Who is Captain Mooseface?

Well, while teaching the Euro kids about the Scientific Revolution, he told them all about Tycho Brahe — Danish astronomer/astrologer who kept star charts and was generally awesome. Among his list of cool things: he died from not peeing at a party, he kept a “clairvoyant midget” as a jester, and he also had a pet moose who had a thing for drinking Mr. Brahe’s beer. He was a boss, that Tycho.

So in class, a kid asked “What was the moose’s name?”

After a moment, he responded, “Captain Mooseface.” At which point he turned to me and said “I want a picture. Captain Mooseface.”

So now you all can enjoy Tycho Brahe’s magical Captain Mooseface.



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