Winter Break!

Phew! Well after a stressful week of finals, I am officially halfway done with the 2013-2014 school year. Crazy! I got a little bit of drawing on one of my finals days, so I thought I’d show you that. It’s just some sketchy stuff.



The first one I was trying to mainly draw from life; the blue one is one of my teachers and the blue/black one started out as one of the kids taking the final but she kept moving around and my blue pen died so it became weird. The second was after my Calculus final and it was just a dude and my hand.

I’ve been in a bit of an artistic slump recently (no time + stress = badness) but I’m trying to get back on the train of artsy goodness. I just got a bunch of brand new Prismas so that opens up some possibilities. I’m also trying to work on my perspective/environments (landscapes and interiors and all that sort of backgroundy stuff) because my art is fairly weak there. I’ll keep you posted these next two weeks or so as I plug away with that.



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