Cartoony Captain Hook


So my mom and I recently caught up on Once Upon a Time, and of course that means that I am required to draw a picture of Captain Hook (Colin O’Donoghue)! I had several failed attempts before I was happy with one. I might color it on Photoshop later.

On a sort of unrelated note: looking past this last year I realize that I really left this blog hanging. I had a pretty busy second semester of eleventh grade last year, followed up by moving from Southern California to Alabama, and then all of the senior year goodness that comes with senior year. I’m going to try and be better about posting. I’m actually going to do an non-artsy post here in a bit (I wanted to do a quick review of some of the Once Upon a Time stuff) so I can get back at posting more.

So, enjoy that Captain Hook drawing and have a good last couple days of 2014!



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